Upcoming Litters

Due to a death in the family, we have no plans to breed any longer, but we have some awesome co-owners who will be doing some breeding of their own. Email for referrals.

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We are located just outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sorry, we do NOT ship puppies sight unseen, NO exceptions.

JavaHill Puppies - worth the wait!

All pups born at JavaHill receive ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation, also known
as the Super Puppy Program. At 3 weeks, pups are started on our puppy potty training
system, making them want to be CLEAN, for faster, easier house-training!

We recently began incorporating a special scent discrimination program called ESI
to improve pups' ability to discern smells - helpful for hunting or scent work.

We are ALWAYS available to our owners, and have many satisfied clients. We try to have
Toller parties with swimming, play and lots of fun for puppies and people alike.
Our pet puppies generally stay in California so that we can evaluate EVERY ONE, and
be available 24/7 for questions and concerns to all our owners.

Our motto is "Breeding Talented, Beautiful Tollers for Avid Dog Sports
Enthusiasts AND Active Pet Owners!"


If you are looking for a beautiful active family pet, or outstanding show or
performance prospect, please inquire about our waiting list.

Want more info? email us!


Why do we ask this? Because studies estimate that 96% of
dogs who end up at Shelters and die, have NO formal obedience.
They don't know how to be a "good" dog because no one took the
time to teach them.

Please beware using the JavaHill name. Make sure they actually have permission
to use our dogs and good name. We've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into our
breeding program - some see it as an easy way to make money. Ask if you have concerns!
Want to check on Health? Click on OFFA. Put in the Kennel Name (like JavaHill).

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JavaHill's Beginnings
Hey, that's not a Toller! Yup - that's a horse. We started out showing Quarter Horses. Shown here is Beckoning Barlight. Becky was a dream-come-true, bought as a yearling, she went on to win the Amateur division of the 2 year old Pleasure Futurity - along with a horse trailer, buckle, etc. Best of all, my parents and trainer are with me, as they were always! The grey horse is my awesome gelding Dandy, aka R.O. Major Dandy. Dandy earned Superior Trail, Amateur Trail, Western Riding, Amateur Western Riding titles. He was AHSA Horse of the Year, as well as the High Score Trail Gelding in ALL of AQHA. We were lucky to have many wonderful, winning horses during our show career.

Thank you to those who've made our success possible!
We've had an amazing run in a short time. We couldn't have done it without finding people who've been on this road before. If you ever consider getting into show or performance, I wholeheartedly recommend these folks:

- Donna LaHaise, Ontario Canada, Trainer GoldnToller.com
- www.StitchMine.comTOLLER Embroidered Clothing (and other breeds)!
- www.DogSportsEquipment.com OUTSTANDING equipment for your dog
- www.1stInLine.com The best shampoos and conditioners ever made